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The Catlins 1/3

Day 12 (28.1.12013): Dunedin to the Catlins
In the morning – a short drive to the north of town – I visited the world’s steepest street – unbelievable, wonder why they build something like that – especially as they do get snow in winter and according to my host in Dunedin “they don’t manage this steep roads with snow, traffic just breaks down then”.
House @ Baldwin St, Dunedin

House @ Baldwin St, Dunedin

Baldwin St, Dunedin  "The World's Steepest Street"

Baldwin St, Dunedin
“The World’s Steepest Street”

Then I took the “Southern Scenic Drive” to make my way to the Catlins.


First stop: Tunnels Beach, a secluded beach accessible by a man-made tunnel which was build about 150 years ago by a man who wanted to have a private beach and his daughters to be able to go for a swim unseen by others.

Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach

Second stop, or rather detour: Nugget Point, which has a nice walkway that leads to the lighthouse. From the walking path I was able to watch some fur seals and dolphins in the bay nearby.


Nugget Point

Nugget Point

Third stop: Purakaunui Waterfalls – oooww, my first “slow water” pictures, even though my tripod didn’t arrive before I left Zurich, a handrail did take its place and fortunately it was “dark” enough without a filter to do the “long” exposure to smooth-over the water. So, what do you think?

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls

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