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Beyer Clock & Watch Museum Zurich

I’ve currently a friend from Australia visiting – and we not only check out Zurich’s well known old town with its sights but also managed to get in a visit to the “Beyer Clock & Watch Museum”

Up until a week ago, I didn’t even know that Zurich has such a museum. It’s in the basement of one of the well-known jewellery stores on Bahnhofstrasse. And I have to admit, I am truly impressed. The exhibition comprises a couple of hundred pieces from all over the world which date back as far as 1400BC. Besides for example the wrist watch that Sir Edmund Hillary wore when he reached the north pole or the world’s smallest calendar watch this exhibition holds very interesting special clocks. For example, a ring with a sun-dial – really?!? Or a clock that is a round piece on a sloping plain – it takes a week to run down, then it has to be placed back on top again. Or a very fancy Chinese “alarm clock” which can be seen in the picture below. You’ll burn the joss stick and when it reached the threads these will burn and the attached weights fall onto the singing bowl below.

So, definitely, the Beyer Clock & Watch Museum is very worthwhile to visit. I strongly recommend you plan that into your next visit to this beautiful city.


Chinese Alarm Clock

Chinese Alarm Clock




Weekly Clock

Weekly Clock







Sir Edmund Hillary's Wrist Watch

Sir Edmund Hillary’s Wrist Watch



World's Smallest Calendar Watch

World’s Smallest Calendar Watch

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