Birgit im Abenteuerland


Hello & Welcome!
I’m Birgit!

Starting in 2013 I’d like to share with you my travel tales from around the globe … mainly in pictures but also with some words.

I love to travel! Ever since I got bitten by the travel bug back in 2001 I travel often and extensively all around our beautiful planet. I lived in 7 countries so far and travelled to somewhere around 40 countries … and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

I love to take pictures! I take pictures for – well, I can’t even remember for how long anymore. I started with the old film cameras where you never knew what you’ll get. Developing pictures was rather expensive, so, every time I finally got a film developed it was a surprise what was on. In 2002 when I embarked on my first solo round-the-world trip I moved to digital. For the years to follow I used different models of Canon IXUS. In 2011 I finally made the leap to DSLR. I try to keep my equipment super-simple: I take my pictures with my Cannon EOS 60D with a 17-85mm lens. I love nature/ landscape photography but especially long exposures, slow water, and movement pictures with motion blur. Therefore I added a quality carbon tripod from Feisol, an ND8 grey filter, and an external release to my toolbox. But that’s pretty much it!

I love to explore! I’m very curious by nature and love to explore new places, learn new things, try new stuff to eat and do, meet new people & old friends, experience different cultures – simply said: I collect experiences!

Hope you enjoy clicking through my adventures and take some inspiration of where to visit & what to do next!

Keep Exploring & Enjoy Life to the Fullest!


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